There are different species of animals and birds on this earth. Some animals can be tamed and are kept as pets at home. They are called domestic animals. There are others which cannot be tamed. They are called wild animals.

Animals / Birds                                         Young ones


Cow                                                                       Calf

Cat                                                                         Kitten

Dog                                                                        Puppy (Pup)

Goat                                                                       Kid

Sheep                                                                     Lamb

Horse                                                                     Foal / Colt (Male)

Filly (Female)

Pig                                                                         Piglet

Deer                                                                      Fawn

Lion                                                                      Cub

Bear                                                                      Cub

Elephant                                                             Calf

Camel                                                                   Calf

Hen                                                                       Chicken

Duck                                                                     Duckling

Butterfly                                                             Caterpillar

Goose                                                                   Gosling

Kangaroo                                                             Joey

Koala                                                                    Joey

Monkey                                                                Infant

Penguin                                                                Chick

Rabbit                                                                   Bunny / Kit

Tiger                                                                     Cub / Whelp

Toad                                                                     Tadpole

Whale                                                                   Calf

Dolphin                                                                Pup / Calf

Bird                                                                      Hatchling / chick

Owl                                                                      Owlet / fledgling

Hare                                                                     Leveret

Squirrel                                                                Pup / Kitten / Kit

Zebra                                                                    Colt / Foal

Exercise 1 :- Match animals and their babies:-

  1. Butterfly                                                             1.  Bunny
  2. Kangaroo                                                           2.  Whelp
  3. Owl                                                                       3.  Chick
  4. Frog                                                                     4.  Calf
  5. Goose                                                                  5.  Calf
  6. Whale                                                                  6.  Caterpillar
  7. Zebra                                                                  7.  Joey
  8. Bird                                                                      8.  Owlet
  9. Tiger                                                                    9.  Tadpole
  10. Rabbit                                                                10.  Gosling