Live-aboard Cruising Safari in Maldives
A live-aboard cruising safari is one of the most exciting things to do in Maldives. Safaris are available in different designs, shapes and sizes.

» Surfing, Water Sports & Island Hopping
The Maldives is acknowledged for some world recognized surf spots and has been host to the renowned ‘Neil Deep Blue competition for two consecutive years.

» Parasailing in Maldives
A great way to explore the scenic beauty of the islands here, parasailing in Maldives takes you across vistas of corals and the azure waters beyond them.

» Dolphin Watching in Maldives
Dolphins are the cutest and one of the friendliest aquatic beings. Spinner Dolphins are the most common species found in Maldives.

» Fishing in Maldives
Fishing in Maldives . In short, it is the heart and soul of the country’s existence. Along with tourism in Maldives, fishing is undoubtedly the biggest revenue generator for the nation’s economy.

» Scuba Diving in Maldives
Adventure holidays in Maldives will take you to the best scuba diving locations on the islands, more exciting than exploring the inscrutable world beneath the seas?

» Snorkeling in Maldives
The countless islands in Maldives have a mystifying world hidden under their waters.Snorkeling is one of the most intriguing things to do in Maldives.

» Island Hopping in Maldives
Maldives will be the most thrilling experience of your life, traversing all popular tourist attractions in Maldives and seeking something intriguing on every isle.

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